Proteomic study of activated Taenia solium oncospheres.

  title={Proteomic study of activated Taenia solium oncospheres.},
  author={Saul J. Santiva{\~n}ez and Ana Karen Hernandez-Gonzalez and Nancy Chile and Ana Oleaga and Yanina Arana and Sandra Palma and Manuela Ver{\'a}stegui and Armando Emiliano Gonzalez and Robert L. Gilman and H{\'e}ctor Hugo Garc{\'i}a and Mar Siles-Lucas},
  journal={Molecular and biochemical parasitology},
  volume={171 1},
Taenia solium cysticerci are a major cause of human seizures and epilepsy in the world. In the gastrointestinal tract of infected individuals, taeniid eggs release the oncospheres, which are then activated by intestinal stimuli, getting ready to penetrate the gut wall and reach distant locations where they transform in cysticerci. Information about oncospheral molecules is scarce, and elucidation of the oncosphere proteome could help understanding the host-parasite relationship during the first… CONTINUE READING
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