Proteomic capacity of recent fluorescent dyes for protein staining.

  title={Proteomic capacity of recent fluorescent dyes for protein staining.},
  author={François Chevalier and Val{\'e}rie Rofidal and Pavlina Vanova and Alexis Bergoin and Michel Rossignol},
  volume={65 11},
Staining of two-dimensional gel constitutes a crucial step in comparative proteome analysis with respect to both the number of proteins analysed, the accuracy of spot quantification and reproducibility. In this work, we compared the efficiency of recent fluorophores to stain Arabidopsis total protein extract: Sypro Ruby (SR), Deep Purple (DP) and 5-hexadecanoylamino-fluorescein (C16-F). In addition, classical visible dyes, colloidal Coomassie blue (CCB) and silver nitrate (SN), were also… CONTINUE READING


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