Proteomic analysis of rice anthers under salt stress.

  title={Proteomic analysis of rice anthers under salt stress.},
  author={Elham Sarhadi and Mitra Mohammadi Bazargani and Andres Godwin C. Sajise and Shapour Abdolahi and Naireen Aiza Vispo and Marydee Arceta and Ghasem Mohammadi Nejad and Rakesh K. Singh and Ghasem Hosseini Salekdeh},
  journal={Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB},
Salinity is a major factor that limits rice production worldwide. Rice is considered generally to be sensitive to salt stress during the reproductive stage. To determine the molecular mechanisms of salt tolerance at the reproductive stage, anther proteomic patterns for two contrasting rice genotypes IR64 (salt sensitive) and Cheriviruppu (salt tolerant) under salt stress were compared. Plants were grown in a greenhouse and salt stress (100 mM NaCl) was imposed at the booting stage. Anther… CONTINUE READING
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