Proteomic analysis of immunostained, laser-capture microdissected brain samples.

  title={Proteomic analysis of immunostained, laser-capture microdissected brain samples.},
  author={Lionel Moul{\'e}dous and Sybille Hunt and Rebecca L. Harcourt and Jenny L. Harry and Keith L. Williams and Howard B. Gutstein},
  volume={24 1-2},
Proteomic analysis is often performed on homogenized preparations of whole tissues, which does not provide any information about relevant biochemical changes in specific cell types. Laser-capture microdissection (LCM) is a technique that is precise enough to dissect single cells within a tissue section. Phenotypically defined cells of interest may be visualized by immunostaining prior to microdissection. Previously published immunostaining protocols adapted to LCM require the use of very high… CONTINUE READING


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