Proteome of murine jejunal brush border membrane vesicles.

  title={Proteome of murine jejunal brush border membrane vesicles.},
  author={Mark Donowitz and Siddharth Singh and Farah F. Salahuddin and Boris M Hogema and Yueping Chen and Marjan Gucek and Robert N Cole and Amy J Ham and Nicholas C. Zachos and Olga N Kovbasnjuk and Lynne A. Lapierre and Nellie Broere and James R Goldenring and Hugo Dejonge and Xuhang Li},
  journal={Journal of proteome research},
  volume={6 10},
The first detailed description of the proteome of the mouse jejunal brush border membrane vesicle is presented here. This was obtained by a combination of purification via divalent (Mg2+) cation precipitation starting with isolated cells plus strong cation exchange chromatography LC-MS/MS. Five-hundred seventy proteins were identified including 45 transport proteins. Among the latter, 18 had either not been identified in the intestine in the past or there was a single unconfirmed report of… CONTINUE READING
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