Proteolytic processing of sapovirus ORF1 polyprotein.

  title={Proteolytic processing of sapovirus ORF1 polyprotein.},
  author={Tomoichiro Oka and Kazuhiko Katayama and Satoko Ogawa and Grant S Hansman and Tsutomu Kageyama and Hiroshi Ushijima and Tatsuo Miyamura and Naokazu Takeda},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={79 12},
The genome of Sapovirus (SaV), a causative agent of gastroenteritis in humans and swine, contains either two or three open reading frames (ORFs). Functional motifs characteristic to the 2C-like NTPase (NTPase), VPg, 3C-like protease (Pro), 3D-like RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (Pol), and capsid protein (VP1) are encoded in the ORF1 polyprotein, which is afterwards cleaved into the nonstructural and structural proteins. We recently determined the complete genome sequence of a novel human SaV… CONTINUE READING


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