Proteolytic processing of Semliki Forest virus-specific non-structural polyprotein.

  title={Proteolytic processing of Semliki Forest virus-specific non-structural polyprotein.},
  author={Kristiina Takkinen and Johan Per{\"a}nen and Leevi K{\"a}{\"a}ri{\"a}inen},
  journal={The Journal of general virology},
  volume={72 ( Pt 7)},
The processing and stability of the non-structural (ns) proteins of Semliki Forest virus were studied in vivo. Virus-specific proteins from infected cells were identified by immunoprecipitation with monospecific antisera. The complete ns precursor, P1234, translated within 7 to 9 min of the start of translation, was processed before the completion of translation into P123 and nsP4. Pulse-chase experiments showed that the mature ns proteins were relatively stable for at least 2 h. Interestingly… CONTINUE READING

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