Proteolytic inactivation of plasma C1- inhibitor in sepsis.

  title={Proteolytic inactivation of plasma C1- inhibitor in sepsis.},
  author={Jan H. Nuijens and A. J. Eerenberg-Belmer and C C Huijbregts and Willem O. Schreuder and Richelle J. F. Felt-Bersma and J. J. Abbink and Lambertus G. Thijs and C. Erik Hack},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={84 2},
Activation of both the complement system and the contact system of intrinsic coagulation is implicated in the pathophysiology of sepsis. Because C1 inhibitor (C1-Inh) regulates the activation of both cascade systems, we studied the characteristics of plasma C1-Inh in 48 patients with severe sepsis on admission to the Intensive Care Unit at the Free University of Amsterdam. The ratio between the level of functional and antigenic C1-Inh (functional index) was significantly reduced in the patients… CONTINUE READING


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