Proteolytic enzymes in proliferation and neoplastic metastases formation.

  title={Proteolytic enzymes in proliferation and neoplastic metastases formation.},
  author={Z Gołaszewski and Marek Gacko and Elżbieta Chyczewska and Lech Chyczewski and G My{\'c}ko and Krzysztof Worowski},
  journal={Roczniki Akademii Medycznej w Bialymstoku},
  volume={42 Suppl 1},
Metalloproteases, plasminogen urokinase activator, plasmin and cathepsins enable the expansion of neoplastic tumors, leading to metastases formation. They cause neoplastic cells to detach from tumor, facilitate cell movement, implantation and participate in tumor vascularization. The regulation of these processes is accomplished during the synthesis and activation of proenzymes. Enzyme activity control is realized by their bonds with cellular membranes, and inhibitor action.