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Proteolytic activity and some properties of stirred fruit yoghurt made using some fruits containing proteolytic enzymes.

  title={Proteolytic activity and some properties of stirred fruit yoghurt made using some fruits containing proteolytic enzymes.},
  author={A. Farahat and O. El-Batawy},
  journal={World Journal of Dairy \& Food Sciences},
Stirred yoghurts with different fruit homogenates (papaya, kiwi, pineapple and kaki and control (without additive) were prepared and stored up to 14 days at 5±1°C. Sugar and fruit homogenates were added at the rate of 5 and 10% w/w respectively. The results revealed that, significant differences were observed in proteolytic activity, acidity, protein and fibers contents among all treatments. Addition of fruit homogenates and sugar had significantly harmful effect on the viability of the two… Expand

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