Proteolytic activation of the cell death protease Yama/CPP32 by granzyme B.

  title={Proteolytic activation of the cell death protease Yama/CPP32 by granzyme B.},
  author={Long T Quan and Muneesh Tewari and Karen O'Rourke and Vishva Dixit and S J Snipas and Guy G. Poirier and C. Ray and David J. Pickup and Guy Salvesen},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={93 5},
The serine protease granzyme B, which is secreted by cytotoxic cells, is one of the major effectors of apoptosis in susceptible targets. To examine the apoptotic mechanism of granzyme B, we have analyzed its effect on purified proteins that are thought to be components of death pathways inherent to cells. We demonstrate that granzyme B processes interleukin 1beta-converting enzyme (ICE) and the ICE-related protease Yama (also known as CPP32 or apopain) by limited proteolysis. Processing of ICE… CONTINUE READING

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