Proteolytic activation of alternative CCR1 ligands in inflammation.

  title={Proteolytic activation of alternative CCR1 ligands in inflammation.},
  author={Robert D. Berahovich and Zhenhua Miao and Yu Wang and Brett A. Premack and Maureen C. Howard and Thomas J. Schall},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={174 11},
Although chemokines CCL3/MIP-1alpha and CCL5/RANTES are considered to be primary CCR1 ligands in inflammatory responses, alternative CCR1 ligands have also been described. Indeed, four such chemokines, CCL6/C10/MIP-related protein-1, CCL9/MIP-1gamma/MIP-related protein-2, CCL15/MIP-1delta/hemofiltrate CC chemokine-2/leukotactin-1, and CCL23/CKbeta8/myeloid progenitor inhibitory factor-1, are unique in possessing a separately encoded N-terminal domain of 16-20 residues and two additional… CONTINUE READING


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