Proteolysis of tubulin isotypes within Tetrahymena axonemes.

  title={Proteolysis of tubulin isotypes within Tetrahymena axonemes.},
  author={Kazuki Nakamura and Y Shigaki and Chieko Takaya},
  journal={Biological chemistry Hoppe-Seyler},
  volume={376 12},
In the axonemes of Tetrahymena cilia, beta-tubulin was digested more rapidly by chymotrypsin than alpha-tubulin. On the other hand, in the solubilized state, both tubulins were digested by the protease at almost the same rate. Among alpha-tubulin isotypes within the axonemes, alpha 5-tubulin was more rapidly digested by chymotrypsin than other alpha-tubulin isotypes. The addition of ATP and vanadate (Vi) to the axonemes significantly protected the alpha 5-isotype from chymotryptic proteolysis… CONTINUE READING