Proteolysis of synthetic peptides by type A botulinum neurotoxin.

  title={Proteolysis of synthetic peptides by type A botulinum neurotoxin.},
  author={J. W. Schmidt and Keith A. Bostian},
  journal={Journal of protein chemistry},
  volume={14 8},
Type A botulinum neurotoxin catalyzed the hydrolysis of synthetic peptides based on the sequence of the 25-kD synaptosomal protein SNAP-25. In each peptide, the toxin cleaved at a single glutaminyl-arginine bond corresponding to residues 197 and 198 of SNAP-25, confirming earlier reports on the enzymatic specificity of the toxin in synaptosomal preparations. Metal chelators inhibited catalysis, consistent with a metalloprotease activity. In contrast to tetanus toxin and other botulinum toxin… CONTINUE READING

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