Protein tyrosine phosphorylation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

  title={Protein tyrosine phosphorylation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.},
  author={K T Chow and David Ng and Richard W. Stokes and Pauline Johnson},
  journal={FEMS microbiology letters},
  volume={124 2},
Crude cell extracts from three strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis were analyzed for the presence of proteins possessing phosphorylated tyrosine residues. A protein migrating at approximately 55 kDa was detected using an antiphosphotyrosine monoclonal antibody. In addition, less predominant bands were observed between 50 kDa and 60 kDa. That M. tuberculosis contains specific tyrosine phosphorylated proteins implies that M. tuberculosis has tyrosine kinase activity. Examination of other, non… CONTINUE READING

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