Protein translocation through Tom40: kinetics of peptide release.

  title={Protein translocation through Tom40: kinetics of peptide release.},
  author={Kozhinjampara R Mahendran and Mercedes Romero-Ruiz and Andrea Schl{\"o}singer and Mathias Winterhalter and Stephan Nussberger},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={102 1},
Mitochondrial proteins are almost exclusively imported into mitochondria from the cytosol in an unfolded or partially folded conformation. Regardless of whether they are destined for the outer or inner membrane, the intermembrane space, or the matrix, proteins begin the importation process by crossing the mitochondrial outer membrane via a specialized protein import machinery whose main component is the Tom40 channel. High-resolution ion conductance measurements through the Tom40 channel in the… CONTINUE READING

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