Protein-protein interactions in Cdk5 regulation and function.

  title={Protein-protein interactions in Cdk5 regulation and function.},
  author={Anthony Chee-Beng Lim and Dianbo Qu and Robert Z. Qi},
  volume={12 4-5},
Cdk5 is a unique member of the cyclin-dependent kinase (Cdk) family of small protein kinases. In association with its neuron-specific activator p35 or p39, Cdk5 displays many regulatory properties distinct from other Cdks. A growing body of evidence has suggested that Cdk5-p35 has important implications in a variety of neuronal activities occurring in the central nervous system. In brain, Cdk5-p35 appears to exist as large molecular complexes with other proteins, and protein-protein… CONTINUE READING

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