Protein kinase and phosphoproteins of vesicular stomatitis virus.

  title={Protein kinase and phosphoproteins of vesicular stomatitis virus.},
  author={R L Imblum and Robert R. Wagner},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={13 1},
Protein kinases of similar but not identical activity were found associated with vesicular stomatitis (VS) virions grown in mouse L cells, primary chicken embryo (CE) cells, and BHK-21 cells, as well as being present in VS virions grown in HeLa and Aedes albopictus cells. The virion kinase preferentially phosphorylated the nucleocapsid NS protein in vitro and to a lesser extent the envelope M protein. Other virion proteins were phosphorylated in vitro only after drastic detergent treatment… CONTINUE READING