Protein kinase C family functions in B-cell activation.

  title={Protein kinase C family functions in B-cell activation.},
  author={Beichu Guo and Thomas T. Su and David J Rawlings},
  journal={Current opinion in immunology},
  volume={16 3},
Members of the protein kinase C (PKC) family play important but distinct roles in B-cell activation, as demonstrated by emerging genetic and biochemical studies. PKCbeta is indispensable for B-cell antigen receptor (BCR)-induced NF-kappaB activation and B-cell survival. Recent evidence indicates that PKCbeta might regulate inhibitor of kappaB kinase (IKK) and NF-kappaB activation through interaction with the CARMA1/Bcl10/MALT signaling complex in BCR microdomains. By contrast, the novel PKC… CONTINUE READING