Protein kinase B/Akt1 inhibits autophagy by down-regulating UVRAG expression.

  title={Protein kinase B/Akt1 inhibits autophagy by down-regulating UVRAG expression.},
  author={WonSeok Yang and Ji-hyun Ju and Kyung-min Lee and Keesoo Nam and Sunhwa Oh and Incheol Shin},
  journal={Experimental cell research},
  volume={319 3},
Autophagy, or autophagocytosis, is a selective intracellular degradative process involving the cell's own lysosomal apparatus. An essential component in cell development, homeostasis, repair and resistance to stress, autophagy may result in either cell death or survival. The targeted region of the cell is sequestered within a membrane structure, the autophagosome, for regulation of the catabolic process. A key factor in both autophagosome formation and autophagosome maturation is a protein… CONTINUE READING
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