Protein import into chloroplasts involves redox-regulated proteins.

  title={Protein import into chloroplasts involves redox-regulated proteins.},
  author={Michael K{\"u}chler and Susanne Decker and Friederike H{\"o}rmann and J{\"u}rgen Soll and L. Heins},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={21 22},
Pre-protein translocation into chloroplasts is accomplished by two distinct translocation machineries in the outer and inner envelope, respectively. We have isolated the translocon at the inner envelope membrane (Tic complex) by blue-native PAGE and describe a new Tic subunit, Tic62. Tic62, together with Tic110 and Tic55, forms a core translocation unit. The N-terminus of Tic62 shows strong homologies to NAD(H) dehydrogenases in eukaryotes and to Ycf39-like proteins present in cyanobacteria and… CONTINUE READING
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