Protein-directed assembly of cobalt phosphate hybrid nanoflowers.

  title={Protein-directed assembly of cobalt phosphate hybrid nanoflowers.},
  author={Ki Hoon Kim and Jae-Min Jeong and Seok Jae Lee and Bong Gill Choi and Kyoung G. Lee},
  journal={Journal of colloid and interface science},
The understanding and controlling of biomimetic hybrid materials are a key objective in bio-nanotechnology, materials chemistry, and colloid science fields. Biomaterials, such as, enzyme, DNA, RNA, and proteins have become important templates for the construction of inorganic-organic hybrid nanoflowers. From this perspective, we present a simple approach to synthesize protein and metal hybrid flower-like structure using bovine serum albumin (BSA) and cobalt phosphate, and the results of our… CONTINUE READING


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