Protein S-glutathionylation: a regulatory device from bacteria to humans.

  title={Protein S-glutathionylation: a regulatory device from bacteria to humans.},
  author={Isabella Dalle-Donne and Ranieri Rossi and Graziano Colombo and Daniela Giustarini and A. Milzani},
  journal={Trends in biochemical sciences},
  volume={34 2},
S-Glutathionylation is the specific post-translational modification of protein cysteine residues by the addition of the tripeptide glutathione, the most abundant and important low-molecular-mass thiol within most cell types. Protein S-glutathionylation is promoted by oxidative or nitrosative stress but also occurs in unstressed cells. It can serve to regulate a variety of cellular processes by modulating protein function and to prevent irreversible oxidation of protein thiols. Recent findings… CONTINUE READING
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