Protein-Based Therapeutic Killing for Cancer Therapies.

  title={Protein-Based Therapeutic Killing for Cancer Therapies.},
  author={Naroa Serna and L S{\'a}nchez-Garc{\'i}a and Ugutz Unzueta and Raquel A de Diaz and E. Brozos V{\'a}zquez and Ram{\'o}n Mangues and Antonio Villaverde},
  journal={Trends in biotechnology},
  volume={36 3},
The treatment of some high-incidence human diseases is based on therapeutic cell killing. In cancer this is mainly achieved by chemical drugs that are systemically administered to reach effective toxic doses. As an innovative alternative, cytotoxic proteins identified in nature can be adapted as precise therapeutic agents. For example, individual toxins and venom components, proapoptotic factors, and antimicrobial peptides from bacteria, animals, plants, and humans have been engineered as… CONTINUE READING

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