Protects against Lethal Junin Virus


Kell _v T. McKee,. J, Candid No. 1 Argentine Julio G. Barrera Oro HeLra Fever Vaccine Anna L. Kuhne Hemorrhagic Joan A. Spisso Protects against Lethal Junin Virus B.G. Mahlandt United States Army Medical Challenge in Rhesus Macaques Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. Fort Detrick, Frederick, Md.. USA .... Summary The protective efficacy of Candid No. I. a live-attenuated vaccine against Argentine hemorrhagic fever(AH F), was evaluated om in non-human primates. Twenty rhesus macaques immunized 3 months previously with graded doses of Candid No. 1(16127. 000 PFU), as well as 4 placebo-inoculated controls, were challenged with 4.41 log ,0 PFU of virulent P3790 strain Junin virus. All controls developed severe clinical disease: 3 of 4 died. In cointrast, all vaccinated animals were fully protected-. none developed any signs of AHF during a 105-day follow-up period. Viremia and virus shedding were readily detected in all placebovaccinated controls, while virus could be recovered only once .................................... (by amplification) from throat swabs of 2 Candid No. I vacci

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