Protectors and Predators: Gods of Medieval Japan, Volume 2

  title={Protectors and Predators: Gods of Medieval Japan, Volume 2},
  author={Bernard R. Faure},
Written by one of the leading scholars of Japanese religion, Protectors and Predators is the second installment of a multivolume project that promises to be a milestone in our understanding of the mythico-ritual system of esoteric Buddhism?specifically the nature and roles of deities in the religious world of medieval Japan and beyond. Bernard Faure introduces readers to medieval Japanese religiosity and shows the centrality of the gods in religious discourse and ritual. Throughout he engages… 
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Decentering Mañjuśrī: some aspects of Mañjuśrī’s cult in medieval Japan
  • B. Faure
  • Art
    Studies in Chinese Religions
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Many scholars have studied Mañjuśrī’s role as bodhisattva of wisdom. However, while Buddhist deities have usually been studied ‘individually,’ I believe that they can only be understood in a