Protective effects of topically applied CO2 -impregnated water.

  title={Protective effects of topically applied CO2 -impregnated water.},
  author={Meike Bock and H. J. Schwanitz},
  journal={Skin research and technology : official journal of International Society for Bioengineering and the Skin (ISBS) [and] International Society for Digital Imaging of Skin (ISDIS) [and] International Society for Skin Imaging},
  volume={4 1},
BACKGROUND/AIMS The'positive effect'of CO2 -impregnated water (mechanical process of producing carbonated therapeutic waters for medical use) on the skin of the hands was reported by 76% of 107 users questioned. The present study intends to evaluate this effect by using bioengeneering methods. METHODS In 20 healthy volunteers, mild to moderate irritation was induced on both hands using a standardised washing procedure. One hand was rinsed with CO2 -impregnated water (carbonic acid) once daily… CONTINUE READING


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