Protective effect of EDTA preadministration on renal ischemia

  title={Protective effect of EDTA preadministration on renal ischemia},
  author={Chiara Foglieni and Alessandro Fulgenzi and Paolo Ticozzi and Fabio Pellegatta and Clara Sciorati and Daniela Belloni and Elisabetta Ferrero and Maria Elena Ferrero},
  journal={BMC Nephrology},
  pages={5 - 5}
BACKGROUND Chelation therapy with sodium edetate (EDTA) improved renal function and slowed the progression of renal insufficiency in patients subjected to lead intoxication. This study was performed to identify the underlying mechanism of the ability of EDTA treatment to protect kidneys from damage. METHODS The effects of EDTA administration were studied in a rat model of acute renal failure induced by 60 minutes ischemia followed or not by 60 minutes reperfusion. Renal ischemic damage was… CONTINUE READING