Protective autoimmunity against the enemy within: fighting glutamate toxicity.

  title={Protective autoimmunity against the enemy within: fighting glutamate toxicity.},
  author={Michal Schwartz and Iftach Shaked and Jasmin Fisher and Tal Mizrahi and Hadas Schori},
  journal={Trends in neurosciences},
  volume={26 6},
Glutamate, a key neurotransmitter, is pivotal to CNS function. Alterations in its concentration can be dangerous, as seen for example in acute injuries of the CNS, chronic neurodegenerative disorders and mental disorders. Its homeostasis is attributed to the efficient removal of glutamate from the extracellular milieu by reuptake via local transport mechanisms. Our recent studies suggest that glutamate, either directly or indirectly, elicits a purposeful systemic T-cell-mediated immune response… CONTINUE READING
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