Protective and autoimmune epitopes of streptococcal M proteins.

  title={Protective and autoimmune epitopes of streptococcal M proteins.},
  author={Edwin H. Beachey and Michael S. Bronze and James B Dale and Wolfgang Ina Kraus and T C Poirier and Sprague Sargent},
  volume={6 2},
Several rheumatogenic serotypes of streptococcal M protein have been shown to contain both protective and cardiac tissue crossreactive epitopes. By synthesizing peptides copying different regions of M protein polypeptides, we were able to localize the protective and heart crossreactive epitopes. Some epitopes are only opsonic, some are only crossreactive, whereas others are both opsonic and tissue crossreactive. Multivalency of vaccines can be obtained by synthesizing protective peptides of one… CONTINUE READING

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