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Protective Effects of Icariin on Nicotine-induced Reproductive Toxicity in Male Mouse

  title={Protective Effects of Icariin on Nicotine-induced Reproductive Toxicity in Male Mouse},
  author={Guochao Ni and Xuhui Zhang and Seth Yaw Afedo and Rong Rui},
Nicotine is a pharmacologically active component of tobacco which adversely affects the male reproductive system and fertility and Icariin (ICA) is the main active ingredient of Epimedium herba which has been used to treat several male reproductive problems. This study was aimed at investigating the protective or ameliorative effect of ICA against reproductive toxicity induced by intraperitoneal injection of nicotine in mice. Forty male mice were randomly divided into 4 groups: control… 

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Antioxidant profile changes in reproductive tissues of rats treated with nicotine

It is established that nicotine administration is associated with decreased testicular antioxidant and increase testicular lipid peroxidation, which might be a mechanism by which nicotine induce infertility.

Nicotine-induced reproductive toxicity, oxidative damage, histological changes and haematotoxicity in male rats: the protective effects of green tea extract.

  • R. MosbahM. YousefA. Mantovani
  • Biology, Medicine
    Experimental and toxicologic pathology : official journal of the Gesellschaft fur Toxikologische Pathologie
  • 2015

Protective effects of quercetin and vitamin C against nicotine-induced toxicity in the blood of Wistar rats

It is confirmed that nicotine has significant prooxidative effects that may disrupt the redox balance and show that the quercetin + vitamin C combination supports antioxidant defence mechanisms with strong haematoprotective activity against nicotine-induced toxicity.

Nicotine alters male reproductive hormones in male albino rats: The role of cessation

The findings in this study suggest that nicotine administration is associated with distorted reproductive hormones in male rats although ameliorated by nicotine cessation, and it is plausible that the decreased testosterone level is related with testicular dysfunction rather than a pituitary disorder.

Ameliorative effects of Achillea millefolium inflorescences alcoholic extract against nicotine-induced reproductive failure in rat.

Protective Effect of Selenium on Nicotine-Induced Testicular Toxicity in Rats

Effect of exogenous selenium at a dose of 10 μg/kg body weight on the testicular toxicity induced by nicotine in rats was investigated and reduced quantity of cotinine in the group co-administered with nicotine along with seenium in comparison with the nicotine group.

Ameliorative effects of Achillea millefolium inflorescences alcoholic extract on nicotine-induced reproductive toxicity in male rat: Apoptotic and biochemical evidences

Findings indicated that Achm may partially be protective against NIC-induced testicular toxicity in NIC-exposed male rats, as well as testicular antioxidant capacity.

Comparative effects of curcumin and its synthetic analogue on tissue lipid peroxidation and antioxidant status during nicotine-induced toxicity.

The present study suggests that BDMC-A exerts its protective effect by modulating the extent of lipid peroxidation and augmenting the antioxidant defence system.

Icariin supplementation protects mice from exercise-induced oxidant stress in liver

It is demonstrated that icariin supplementation could elevate the exercise endurance and possess protective effect on exercise-induced oxidant stress and is accompanied by corresponding decreases in MDA levels.