Protective Effect of Thioctic Acid on Renal Ischemia–reperfusion Injury in Rat

  title={Protective Effect of Thioctic Acid on Renal Ischemia–reperfusion Injury in Rat},
  author={H. Ahmadvand and S. Mahdavifard},
  journal={International Journal of Preventive Medicine},
Background: We investigated the effect of thioctic acid (TA) on kidney function, oxidative stress, and inflammatory status in serum and kidney homogenates of a rat subjected to ischemia–reperfusion injury (IRI). Materials and Methods: Thirty male Wistar rats were randomly divided into three equal groups: sham, IR, and IR + TA in 50 mg/kg once-daily intraperitoneal injection for 2 weeks, before IR induction. The levels of urea and creatinine (Cr) in the serum of rats were measured… Expand


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