Protective Al2O3 scale formation on NbAl3-base alloys

  title={Protective Al2O3 scale formation on NbAl3-base alloys},
  author={Joseph Doychak and Mohan G. Hebsur},
  journal={Oxidation of Metals},
The oxidation of NbAl3 with additions of Cr and Y was studied to determine the mechanisms of the beneficial effects of these elements upon oxidation. Cr additions to the binary Nb Al3 alloy of up to 6.8 at. % reduced the scale growth rates and promoted α-Al2O3 formation over much longer times relative to binary NbAl3. A major effect of Cr is to form a layer of AlNbCr at the metal/ scale interface, which is inherently more oxidation-resistant than the matrix alloy in the long term. Yttrium… CONTINUE READING


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