Protection of electrical transmission lines

  title={Protection of electrical transmission lines},
  author={E. Creighton},
  journal={Proceedings of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers},
  • E. Creighton
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers
A review of some of the principal headings with an occasional comment will give a rapid survey of the scope of this paper. The conditions of single grounds occupy most of the treatment, although incidentally the subject of short circuits and high frequency oscillations are brought in briefly where they are particularly pertinent. The general principles of the arcing ground suppressor are described. Its mechanical features, consisting of an oil switch, electrostatic or electromagnetic selective… Expand
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For a considerable time the voltage of long distance transmissions was limited by the line insulator. Until a few years ago, the transmission line insulator was the same pin type as used in telegraphExpand