Protection from type 1 diabetes by vitamin D receptor haplotypes.

  title={Protection from type 1 diabetes by vitamin D receptor haplotypes.},
  author={Elizabeth Ramos-Lopez and Thomas Jansen and V Iva{\vs}kevi{\vc}ius and Heinrich Kahles and Christian Klepzig and Johannes Oldenburg and Klaus Badenhoop},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
Vitamin D has been involved in the modulation of calcium and bone metabolism as well as in the immune system, where it suppresses the proliferation of activated T cells. These effects are exerted via the vitamin D receptor (VDR). Polymorphisms within this gene have been exhaustively studied in diverse autoimmune diseases but with inconsistent results. We previously reported a positive association of polymorphisms within the VDR gene (Apa I, Taq I, Bsm I, and Fok I). In the present article we… CONTINUE READING


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