Protection against gamma-irradiation with 5-androstenediol.

  title={Protection against gamma-irradiation with 5-androstenediol.},
  author={Mark H. Whitnall and Thomas B. Elliott and Michael R. Landauer and Catherine L. Wilhelmsen and L Mckinney and Kavitha S Kumar and Venkataraman Srinivasan and G. David Ledney and Thomas M. Seed},
  journal={Military medicine},
  volume={167 2 Suppl},
We showed previously that treatment of gamma-irradiated female B6D2F1 mice with 5-androstenediol (AED) enhanced survival, stimulated myelopoiesis, and ameliorated radiation-induced decreases in circulating neutrophils and platelets. We have now tested survival in male CD2F1 mice, and we have investigated molecular and functional effects on neutrophils and bone marrow stromal cells and screened for toxicity in female B6D2F1 mice. AED (160 mg/kg, subcutaneously, 24 hours before irradiation… CONTINUE READING