Protecting Olympic Participants from Covid-19 - The Urgent Need for a Risk-Management Approach.

  title={Protecting Olympic Participants from Covid-19 - The Urgent Need for a Risk-Management Approach.},
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Protecting Olympic Participants from Covid-19 Plans to protect participants and the public from Covid-19 during the Olympics aren’t built on rigorous risk assessment. They fail to consider the ways... 
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information exchange took place with the participation of many stakeholders while keeping these issues in mind during the Olympics. In addition, this Olympics was fortunate in that it was held before
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In a COVID-19 outbreak in a group of 25 twice-vaccinated Israeli travellers, the attack rate was 84%, despite negative preflight polymerase chain reaction tests, attributed mainly to close and prolonged exposures during long bus drives.
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Financial and Non-financial Conflicts of Interest Among the Japanese Government Advisory Board Members Concerning Coronavirus Disease 2019
It is found that the Japanese government COVID-19 advisory board had financial and non-financial COI with pharmaceutical companies and the government and had no policies for managing COI among advisory board members.
COVID-19 Vaccination, Herd Immunity and The Transition Toward Normalcy: Challenges with The Upcoming Sports Events
The authors believe that COVID-19 will be endemic in the human population, similar to seasonal influenza, and that CO VID-19 vaccines will be included as an add-on to seasonal flu vaccinations, being administered every winter for at least the next few decades.
Respiratory Viral Infections in Athletes: Many Unanswered Questions
It is anecdotally known that athletes commonly exercise and compete while having a respiratory viral infection; there are no virological studies to suggest that such activity would affect either the illness or the performance.