Protease inhibitors from Ecballium elaterium seeds.

  title={Protease inhibitors from Ecballium elaterium seeds.},
  author={A Favel and H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Mattras and M-A Coletti-Previero and Robert Zwilling and E A Robinson and Bertrand Castro},
  journal={International journal of peptide and protein research},
  volume={33 3},
Several protease inhibitors were found in the seeds of a Cucurbitacea, Ecballium elaterium, and were separated from one another by affinity and molecular sieve chromatography. Three main trypsin isoinhibitors were purified by ion-exchange chromatography and the sequence of the major one, EETI II, was elucidated and compared with other inhibitors of the squash family. It is a peptide of M.W. 3020 of strong inhibitory activity (Ka = 8 x 10(11) M-1) against trypsin, showing high Gly content, six… CONTINUE READING