Protamines in plant sperm.

  title={Protamines in plant sperm.},
  author={W. F. Reynolds and Stephen L. Wolfe},
  journal={Experimental cell research},
  volume={152 2},
Sperm protamines have been isolated from representatives of three major plant groups: algae (Chara corallina ), bryophytes ( Marchantia polymorpha), and ferns ( Marsilea vestitia ). We previously reported the complete displacement of histones by protamines in Marchantia (Reynolds W F & Wolfe, S L, Exp cell res 116 (1978) 269 [8] ). Marchantia protamines appear as four components on acid-urea gels, whereas Chara and Marsilea protamines comigrate as a single band with a mobility comparable to… CONTINUE READING

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