Prostitution and Victorian society

  title={Prostitution and Victorian society},
  author={L. Duffin and Judith R. Walkowitz and P. McHugh},
Fragile moralities and dangerous sexualities : a case study of 'deviant' women and semi-penal institutionalisation on Merseyside, 1823-1994
This thesis is primarily concerned with the social control and disciplining of women within a semi-penal institution. As a case study it critically analyses the history of one particular institutionExpand
“Speak now or forever hold your peace”: The gendered constructions of extra-marital affairs found in South African online media.
The purpose of the study was to speak to the dynamics involved in the construction of extramarital affairs in South African news media. At the core of the study was the need to understand andExpand
Postscript to “Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality”
‘Asked his advice, Dr. J. Guerin affirmed that, after all other treatments had failed, he had succeeded in curing young girls affected by the vice of onanism by burning the clitoris with a hot iron .Expand
“A Cathartic Moment in a Man’s Life”: Homosociality and Gendered Fun on the Puttan Tour
Rarely addressed in academic scholarship, the puttan tour is a well-known form of entertainment in Italy where young men drive around in small groups with the aim of spotting street sex workers. OnExpand
Shaping Health and Safety, 1800–2015
This chapter explores the historical development of health and safety since the nineteenth century, including substantial analysis of the otherwise much-neglected post-1960 period. This includesExpand
Peer Talk : hidden stories. A participatory research project with women who sell or swap sex in Teesside.
Peer Talk: hidden stories sought to provide an evidence base to inform service provision, knowledge, policy and practice in Teesside and specifically to: Document the lived experience and needs ofExpand
Sex Work, Censure and Transgression
In The Sociology of Deviance: an Obituary (1994:vii) Colin Sumner set out to “portray a history of one of the most developed forms of critical, formal, thought on the subject of moral censure, namelyExpand
Fallen Women and Foundlings: Rethinking Victorian Sexuality
The publication in the late 1970s and early 1980s of Michel Foucault's History of Sexuality had an enormous impact on the shaping of research in the humanities and social sciences. For those workingExpand