Prostitution and Victorian Society. Women, Class and the State

  title={Prostitution and Victorian Society. Women, Class and the State},
  author={A. Corbin and Judith R. Walkowitz},
  journal={Mouvement Social},
Stigma, Pleasures, and Dutiful Daughters
State-regulated female prostitution was one of the first modern public health campaigns. From the Napoleonic wars to World War II, nation states as well as local municipalities examined, licensed,Expand
Prostitution and Social Purity in the 1880s and 1890s
change both in ways of representing prostitution and in public opinion about ways of dealing with the sexually deviant woman. Since the 1 860s the police had been granted the power under theExpand
Victorian Pros and Poetry
In 1864, the British Parliament passed the first Contagious Diseases Act, which allowed police officers in specified garrison towns to arrest suspected prostitutes, compel them to undergoExpand
The politics of prostitution and the politics of public health in the Irish Free State: a response to Susannah Riordan
In an earlier article in Irish Historical Studies the present author argued that the beginnings of the Irish Free State’s campaign against venereal disease were caught up in a politics ofExpand
“abandoned women and bad characters”: prostitution in nineteenth-century Ireland
Abstract This article examines the extent of prostitution in nineteenth-century Ireland. It centres on the problem of prostitution as one of visibility and the prostitute as a site of possibleExpand
Prostitution, criminal law and morality in the Netherlands
In 1911 a new public morality act was enacted in the Netherlands. Article 250bis of the penal code states that it is forbidden to give opportunity for prostitution. This so called article onExpand
‘Syphilis is given over to sentimentalists’: the Dublin Medical Press and Circular and the drive to extend the Contagious Diseases Acts
  • A. Daly
  • History
  • Irish Historical Studies
  • 2015
Abstract In 1878, a meeting organised in Dublin by those in favour of repealing the contentious Contagious Diseases Acts ended in chaos and disruption. The acts themselves empowered police andExpand
‘Almost a Public Calamity’: Prostitutes, ‘Nurseboys’, and Attempts to Control Venereal Diseases in Colonial Natal, 1886–1890
  • J. Martens
  • Medicine, Sociology
  • Suid-Afrikaanse historiese joernaal
  • 2001
These attempts to implement a Natal Contagious Diseases Act warrant investigation, because contagious diseases measures were primarily directed against women suspected of being ‘common prostitutes’, and uncover something of the experience of prostitutes and of prostitution in nineteenth-century Natal. Expand
Prostitution Policy in Europe: A Time of Change?
There has been considerable recent debate about prostitution in Europe that reflects concerns about health, employment and human rights. Legal changes are being introduced in many countries. We focusExpand
Fallen women and the London Lock Hospital Laws and By-Laws of 1840 (revised 1848)
The nineteenth century witnessed a huge increase in both private and public institutions to control and to contain two elements deemed to be the most dangerous in British society: the prostitute andExpand