Prostitution and Trafficking of Women and Children from Mexico to the United States

  title={Prostitution and Trafficking of Women and Children from Mexico to the United States},
  author={Marisa B. Ugarte and Laura Zarate and Melissa Farley},
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ABSTRACT The historical background of sex trafficking from the United States to Mexico is briefly described. We also summarize two case examples that illustrate the complexity of providing physical and emotional safety, as well as immigration protection to victims of trafficking. We emphasize the importance of understanding the varied cultural contexts in which sexual exploitation, rape, prostitution and trafficking occur. Two agencies: Arte Sana in Dripping Springs, Texas and the Bilateral… 
From Exploitation to Industry: Definitions, Risks, and Consequences of Domestic Sexual Exploitation and Sex Work Among Women and Girls
  • Lara B. Gerassi
  • History
    Journal Of Human Behavior In The Social Environment
  • 2015
This article seeks to provide definitions and describe the complexity of all terms relating to domestic sexual exploitation of women and girls in the United States, explore available national prevalence data according to the definitions provided, and review the evidence of mental health, social, and structural risk factors at the micro-, mezzo-, and macrolevels.
How trauma related to sex trafficking challenges parenting: Insights from Mexican and Central American survivors in the US
It is concluded that motherhood after surviving sex trafficking presents new challenges and opportunities in the path to recovery from trauma, and interventions at the policy, community and individual level are needed to support survivors of sex trafficking as they enter motherhood.
The role of the social worker in the prevention of child trafficking in South Africa
According to the United Nations Palermo Protocol (2000:14), child trafficking is defined as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of children through threats, force,
Human trafficking in Latin America:: culture and victimization.
OF THESIS Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities Northeastern
Challenges to Identifying and Prosecuting Sex Trafficking Cases in the Midwest United States
Drawing from 12 in-depth interviews and two focus groups with prosecutors, attorneys, victim advocates, social service providers, and police in an urban Midwestern city, challenges to identifying and
The Geography of Sex Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children in Minnesota, 2007-2015
This article provides a snapshot of the geographic patterns of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of minors' court cases and the affected communities in the U.S. state of Minnesota. The regional
Prevalence of violence against indigenous women victims of human trafficking and its implications on physical injuries and disabilities in Monterrey city, Mexico
  • A. Acharya
  • Political Science
    Health care for women international
  • 2019
Considering the level of violence and occupational hazards faced by victims, it is suggested there is an urgent need to create instruments in the Mexican national human trafficking program to address the unmet health needs of the victims.
Woman pullers: pimping and sex trafficking in a Mexican Border City
Much has been written about sex trafficking in the past decade, although empirical studies have remained few. Even less research has been done on those who make a living by facilitating the movement
Reducing Barriers to Medical Care for Survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation
Commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) is a form of sexual abuse with significant implications for public health and social equity. CSE occurs when a person obtains sexual access to another person
Representation of Human Trafficking in Mexican mass media and its complexity on law enforcement
Abstract:Mexico is a source, transit, and destination country for human trafficking, where the majority of the victims fall into sexual exploitation and some of them are exploited in forced labor in


Prostitution and Trafficking in Nine Countries
Findings contradict common myths about prostitution: the assumption that street prostitution is the worst type of prostitution, that prostitution of men and boys is different from prostitution of women and girls, that most of those in prostitution freely consent to it, and that most people are in prostitution because of drug addiction.
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ABSTRACT Women in prostitution and those in the process of exiting prostitution experience many barriers to social services traditionally encountered by other marginalized populations, including
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ABSTRACT This article summarizes findings from interviews with prostituted women and adolescent girls in Cambodian brothels. In this article we review the psychosocial and cultural context for
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In the recent literature on prostitution, there has been a focus on HIV which has tended to exclude discussion of the physical and sexual violence which precedes and which is intrinsic to
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The trafficking in people for prostitution and forced labor is one of the fastest growing areas of international criminal activity and one that is of increasing concern to the United States and the
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This paper describes the philosophy of PEERS (Prostitutes' Empowerment, Education and Resource Society) in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. PEERS was developed, managed, and staffed by
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Based on risk amplification and victimization theories, path analysis was used to investigate the effects of early sexual abuse on later sexual victimization among 361 female homeless and runaway
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Have you wondered: Why women are more sympathetic than men toward O. J. Simpson? Why women were no more supportive of the Equal Rights Amendment than men? Why women are no more likely than men to