[Prosthetic salvage operation in patients on hemodialysis].


The use of PTFE, vascular prosthesis (Gore-Tex), in the vascular access for hemodialysis, is a very reliable and exploited method. Thrombosis is the most frequent complication. The prosthetic "salvage operation" allows an immediate functional recovery. The authors examine their series from 1986 on, analyzing the surgical technics employed and the results obtained.

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@article{Arcuri1989ProstheticSO, title={[Prosthetic salvage operation in patients on hemodialysis].}, author={Valentino Arcuri and Giorgio Tommasi and Iris Fontana and A Montobbio and P P Penco and U. Valente}, journal={Il Giornale di chirurgia}, year={1989}, volume={10 12}, pages={740-2} }