Prosthetic replacement in rotator cuff-deficient shoulders.

  title={Prosthetic replacement in rotator cuff-deficient shoulders.},
  author={Roger G. Pollock and E D Deliz and S J McIlveen and Evan L. Flatow and Louis U. Bigliani},
  journal={Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery},
  volume={1 4},
We reviewed a series of 30 shoulders in 25 patients who had glenohumeral arthritis and rotator cuff deficiency and who underwent prosthetic replacement. Nineteen shoulders underwent humeral head replacement, and 11 shoulders had total shoulder arthroplasty. Meticulous mobilization and reconstruction of the deficiencies in the thin atrophic rotator cuff tissues were attempted in all shoulders. Emphasis was placed on anteroposterior stability, and this was achieved in all shoulders; superior… CONTINUE READING

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