Prosthetic and surgical management of osteogenic sarcoma of the maxilla.

  title={Prosthetic and surgical management of osteogenic sarcoma of the maxilla.},
  author={Ernest L. DaBreo and V A Chalian and Robert G. Lingeman and M H Reisbick},
  journal={The Journal of prosthetic dentistry},
  volume={63 3},
Maxillary surgical defects resulting from resection of oral neoplasms vary in size from small perforations of the hard and soft palate to complete removal of these structures. Osteogenic sarcoma is of unknown etiology and is a rapidly growing tumor that may produce pain, paresthesia, and anesthesia. The recommended treatment of radical resection often results in defects that produce significant orofacial disfigurement. These defects, regardless of size, present significant functional disability… CONTINUE READING

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