Prosthetic Memory: Total Recall and Blade Runner

  title={Prosthetic Memory: Total Recall and Blade Runner},
  author={Alison Landsberg},
  journal={Body \& Society},
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Perceiving voids : memory and sight afflictions in contemporary cinema
My thesis focuses on the perceptive afflictions caused by alteration of the normal biological functioning of sight and memory. These afflictions are related to the redefinition and disgregation of
The effect of organizational memory on organizational agility
Intellectual capital includes what employees know and the agility to search and retrieve knowledge (organizational agility). Organizational agility could be seen as the result of using validated
Mnemophrenia : a science fiction film-essay on the future of cinema and artificial memories
2 Acknowledgements 3 Preface The beginning 7 Chapter 1: Introduction the film-essay 10 1.1 Film essay: theory and practice 10 1.2 Mnemophrenia: a critical dystopia 18 1.3 Low budget aesthetics and
Figurationen: Theorie(n) des Gedächtnisses
Putting metaphor centre-stage: A case study of Alison Landsberg’s ‘Prosthetic Memory’
Alison Landsberg’s concept of ‘prosthetic memory’ is one in a series of metaphors adopted by Memory Studies. In this article Landsberg’s tropic concept serves not only as a case study in relation to
  • Gender and Parenting in the Worlds of Alien and Blade Runner
  • 2021


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Brilliant and innovative, Jacques Lacan's work has had a tremendous influence on contemporary discourse. Lacan lies at the epicenter of contemporary discourses about otherness, subjectivity, sexual
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The Condition Of Postmodernity
penny gleaned from the dense considerations of Part I will drop when the cases are read carefully. And in case the penny remains stuck, Paukulski shakes again with neat outlines of main points at the
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The debate over cinema and ideology let loose by the spectacular political events in France of May 1968 has transformed Cahiers du Cinema and much of French film thought. Baudry's article, which
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Through a series of readings in the work of the decisive triumvirate of Victorian fiction, Dickens, Trollope and Wilkie Collins, Miller investigates the novel as an oblique form of social control.
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Female teenager: In Hellraiser, when you first see the Cenobytes, your initial reaction is, "Oh God, they're awful!" But as they're more on screen, you actually build up ... a feeling for them-Male