Prostate phenotypes in estrogen-modulated transgenic mice.

  title={Prostate phenotypes in estrogen-modulated transgenic mice.},
  author={Renea A Jarred and Stephen John McPherson and Joseph John Bianco and John F. Couse and Kenneth S. Korach and Gail P Risbridger},
  journal={Trends in endocrinology and metabolism: TEM},
  volume={13 4},
Estrogen-modulated transgenic mice, such as estrogen receptor-knockouts (alphaERKO and betaERKO), aromatase-knockout (ArKO) and aromatase-overexpressing (AROM+) mice, have contributed to our understanding of the roles of estrogens in male reproductive biology, including prostate growth and development. Varying pathological changes of the prostate have been described as being the result of aberrant actions of estrogen, both directly through the estrogen receptors or indirectly by altering the… CONTINUE READING

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