Prostaglandins contribute to the vasodilation induced by nicotinic acid.

  title={Prostaglandins contribute to the vasodilation induced by nicotinic acid.},
  author={Bj{\"o}rn Eklund and Lennart Kaijser and Jacek Nowak and Ake Wennmalm},
  volume={17 6},
The significance of endogenously formed prostaglandins in the vasodilation induced by nicotinic acid (NIC) was investigated. The forearm venous plasma level of radioimmunoassayed PGE (R-PGE) and the forearm blood flow (FBF) were measured in 13 healthy male volunteers at rest and during infusion of NIC. Each subject was subsequently re-studied after pretreatment with the PG synthesis inhibitor, naproxen. In the absence of naproxen, NIC infusion resulted in an almost four-fold rise in the release… CONTINUE READING

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