Prostaglandin receptors: their role in regulating renal function.

  title={Prostaglandin receptors: their role in regulating renal function.},
  author={Matthew D. Breyer and Richard M Breyer},
  journal={Current opinion in nephrology and hypertension},
  volume={9 1},
Renal cyclooxygenase-1 and cyclooxygenase-2 actively metabolize arachidonate to metabolism five primary prostanoids: prostaglandin E2, prostaglandin F2a, prostaglandin I2, thromboxane A2, and prostaglandin D2. These lipid mediators interact with a family of distinct G-protein-coupled prostanoid receptors designated EP, FP, IP, TP, and DP, respectively, which exert important regulatory effects on renal function. The intrarenal distribution of these prostanoid receptors has been mapped and the… CONTINUE READING
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