Prostaglandin-mediated enhancement of erythroid colonies by marrow stromal cells (MSC).

  title={Prostaglandin-mediated enhancement of erythroid colonies by marrow stromal cells (MSC).},
  author={R L Degowin and D Phillip Gibson},
  journal={Experimental hematology},
  volume={9 3},
Marrow stromal cells (MSC) released a diffusible substance in split-phase culture that enhanced the response of erythroid colonies to erythropoietin when MSC were present in small numbers and suppressed when they were present in large numbers. Incremental concentrations of indomethacin inhibited the enhancement, but it did not suppress growth of MSC colonies. Radioimmunoassay of conditioned media demonstrated that MSC produced E-type prostaglandin (PGE) that was inhibited by non-lethal… CONTINUE READING
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